Casino Morongo

Casino Morongo features a number of dining choices to appeal to any discerning preferences of the customers. Casino Morongo has a massive time gaming as well as entertainment spots that has seen a huge number of winners currently part of the famous Winners Club. Casino Morongo is open Round the clock, 7 days per week and 365 days each year. Customers of Casino Morongo must be EIGHTEEN years or even older. Casino Morongo has more than 100, 000 square feet of gaming space. Casino Morongo is ideally located 20 or so minutes from Palms Springs. Casino Morongo exact location is in Seminole Road, Cabazon California.

Casino Morongo offers a number of gambling possibilities to help all sorts of guests. Table, card, slots machine, bingo, poker, and craps can be found in Casino Morongo. Casino Morongo has paid some fortunate gamers some above $15 million with regards to bonuses, promotions and also giveaways during 2002. Casino Morongo features 49 table games. Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, Progressive Jackpot 3 Card Poker and Let it Ride are a few of the table games offered 24 hours a day.

Casino Morongo has 38 Blackjack games. It is possible to bet for as low as $5 and all the way to $2, 000. Casino Morongo regulations during playing Blackjack allows players to split virtually any card he or she desires as much as 4 instances and double on splits. This particular rule is just not applicable to Aces in which you merely acquire one card on each and no doubling down. Commencing December 22, Casino Morongo will permit Dealers to hit soft 17. No collections yet will pay added bonus hands on Three Sevens and Seven Card Charlies.

Casino Morongo has the only daily Progressive Jackpot 3 Card Poker on the planet. Pai-Gow is another popular game in Casino Morongo in which the player gets the option for playing up against the house or even against another participant. Casino Morongo has a very minimal charge of $1 commission for every $100 wager.

Casino Morongo also offers Let It ride where player cards and dealers cards create a poker hand. Gamers do not need to “beat” the actual dealer to win. The dealers cards help gamers hand by creating a ranking poker hand. Let it ride in Casino Morongo includes payout routine regarding value of poker hands. It also gives jackpot payouts, everyday bonus hands, promotions, free gifts and “High Hand for the Day” that is equivalent to $500 per day. This is available in Casino Morongo right from Monday thru Friday in between noon right up until midnight.

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