Rules of Red Dog

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Rules of Red Dog at CasinoEuro

Welcome to Red Dog! Information about the game and a description of how it is played is provided below.

About the Game of Red Dog at CasinoEuro

Red Dog is a casino card game using a single deck of 52 cards which are shuffled after each round. To win in Red Dog, you need to get a card with a value in between the values of the first two cards drawn.

For each game round, three cards are dealt: two face up and the third face down, between the first two. You bet on the spread between the two cards dealt face up and the odds of the third card drawn falling between the two cards. (The spread is the number of cards that fit between the original two, for example: if the first two cards are a 2 and a 6 the spread is 3.) If the third card is identical to or outside the spread of the original cards, the table wins. When the two first two cards are consecutive the game is a draw. When the first two cards are identical the third is turned with the chance of getting three of a kind (with a payout of 11:1). You can raise your original bet after viewing the first two cards.

Note that the card values follow Poker standards, with Ace as 14 and not 1. King, Queen and Jack are worth 13, 12 and 11 consecutively. All other cards are at face value.

Progressive Betting of Red Dog

With Progressive Betting, Red Dog allows you to keep your winnings on the table and use them for the next round or to collect them at the end of each round. You can select to enable or disable Progressive betting using the Game Settings menu. Note that you cannot switch Progressive Betting on or off during an active round. To disable Progressive Betting, finish the round and collect your winnings.

Max Winnings of Red Dog at CasinoEuro

When progressive betting is enabled, your winnings are automatically collected after the next finished round, if you reach the max winnings level.

Paytable/Spread Payout of Red Dog at CasinoEuro

Spread Payout
1 5:1
2 4:1
3 2:1
4+ 1:1
Consecutive Push
Pair Push
Three of a kind 11:1

How to Play the Red Dog at CasinoEuro

Start by placing a bet on the table by clicking a coin value and then clicking on the Ante box until you are satisfied with your bet. Then click DEAL. The dealer places two cards on the table face up. If the two cards are consecutive, the hand is a push. If the two cards are equal a third card is dealt. Note that you cannot raise your bet on this hand. A matching third card pays 11:1, in all other cases the hand is a push.

Note: Push means the last round was a tie. Neither you or the table loses, instead the bet remains on the table and a new hand is dealt automatically.

If the two original cards are neither consecutive nor equal the Dealer announces the spread, i.e. the card values in between the cards.For example a 5 and a 10 would have a spread of 4. You now have the opportunity to raise your wager. All raises are automatic, i.e. your bet is always doubled when you click the RAISE button. If you do not wish to raise your bet, just click the CALL button and the third card is turned face up. If this card is in between the spread of the first two cards you win according to the payout table, if it equals or is outside the spread, you lose.

Yes, it really is this simple: You bet, look at the cards, raise or call, and the last card is dealt.

When playing with Progressive betting switched off, you can select to click the NEW BET or REBET buttons. When REBET is selected, your winnings are collected and the original bet is left on the table and new cards are dealt. When NEW BET is selected, your accumulated chip stack is collected and you are able to either place a new bet or to leave the table.

With Progressive Betting of of Red Dog at CasinoEuro

When Progressive betting is selected, you can choose to collect, or to keep on betting with you winnings. When a round is finished, you can click the COLLECT or DEAL buttons. When COLLECT is selected, your accumulated chip stack is collected and you are able to either place a new bet or to leave the table. When you click DEAL, your chip stacks with winnings, original bet, and the optional raise are left on the table and a new hand is dealt.

Game Settings of Red Dog at CasinoEuro

Options available in the Game settings menu allow you to enable or disable sound effects, fast play and progressive betting (when available).


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