Starting the game of Aces High

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This is the rules for both Betsson and CasinoEuro.

Aces High at Betsson

Predict whether the next card to spin in will be higher, lower than, or the same as the previous one.
The cards are in sequence – 2 is the lowest value card and the Ace is the highest value – Aces High!
Aces High is an accumulator game: further bets in the same game use your accumulated winnings as the stake, so your potential payout will grow with each spin.

Playing the game of Aces High at Betsson

Set your starting stake by using the up and down arrows.
Not happy with your starting card? Change it using the HIGH and LOW arrows, then press START to begin.

Starting the game of Aces High at Betsson

Game on! Use HIGH , LOW , or SAME to predict the value of the spin against the current card and set the reel spinning. If you win, either COLLECT your money or spin again by choosing HIGH , LOW or SAME .
The bonus ladder at the base of the game shows how many correct spins you need to be rewarded with the bonuses, and tracks the cards that have been selected during the course of the game.

Remember of Aces High at Betsson

Your initial stake will be bet on the first spin of the card reel and your winnings will be bet on the next spin and so on. If the card that spins in does not match your prediction, your game is over and you lose your winnings. Build your winnings very quickly with shrewd predictions. Will you make it to the end of the card ladder?

To stop playing and bank your winnings to your account balance, click COLLECT .
Good Luck!

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