Rules for Wild West Slot

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Rules for Wild West Slot at CasinoEuro

This is a 5-reel 9-line slot machine with a “game-within-a-game” feature.

Slot Machine of Wild West at CasinoEuro

Click SINGLE LINE to activate betlines. With each click, a new betline will be added and a $.10 bet placed on that betline. Once all 9 lines have been activated, clicking again will begin the process all over again adding another $.10 to each betline per click.

You may also click ALL LINES to activate all nine lines at once.

MAX BET allows you to place the maximum bet on all lines, $1 per line, for a total of $9, and start spinning the reels.

CLEAR BETS will clear all bets on all betlines.

The amount of the bet placed on each betline is showed next to the betline.

The total amount of bets placed is shown below the reels as “Bet”.

Click SPIN! to start the game. You can also press the ‘Return’ or ‘Space’ key.

Winnings are calculated as bet on a winning betline x amount in paytable for that combination.

Click the paytable button to get a closer look at the payouts.

Shootout of Wild West at CasinoEuro

In the event that three or more guns land on a selected betline, you will go to the shootout. The Shotout is a “game-within-a-game” feature and an opportunity to add to your winnings. In the shootout, aim the gun and shoot a bandit.

If more than one selected betline contains three or more guns, there will still be only one shot, but the winning will increase.

If you manage to hit the bandit boss, you will go on to the bandits hideout, where you will get a chance to find their big STASH! Just click where you think they have hidden it.


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