Rules for 5 Hands Jacks or Better

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Rules for 5 Hands Jacks or Better at Cherrycasino

Jacks or Better follows conventional poker rules concerning how hands are formed. The least winning hand is a pair of jacks.

How to play the 5 Hands Jacks or Better at Cherrycasino

Click on the “BET ONE” button to set your bet between 1 to 5 coins. You can place the maximum bet and automatically start your bet, by clicking the button labelled “BET MAX”. The highlighted paytable column corresponds to your bet.

Click “DEAL” to deal the first hand. Cards that are part of a winning hand are automatically held. You can click the cards you would like to hold or click the corresponding “HOLD” buttons. You may also unselect a selected card by clicking it or its “HOLD” button. Once you have chosen the cards you would like to hold, click the “DEAL” button again to deal the second hand. Winnings are determined by your final hand and are listed in the highlighted column of the paytable.

Double Up of 5 Hands Jacks or Better at Cherrycasino

If the Double Up feature is enabled, you have the chance to double your winnings.

Each time you get a winning hand, you have the opportunity to bet all or half of your winning in a Double Up game.

Five cards are shown, the first face up and the other four face down. Choose one of the four face down cards. If it is higher than the first card, you will double the part of your winning that you wagered. If not, the money is lost. In case of a tie you keep the money.

You can keep doubling as long as you keep winning or tie.

You may disable the Double Up feature clicking on the “x2” button on the machine.

Game panel of 5 Hands Jacks or Better at Cherrycasino

At the bottom of the game page there is an information panel, where you can make game adjustments.

You can adjust game settings, such as sound, fast play and if you want to use Double Up or not. The game settings are available by clicking the “tool” button that you can find in the bottom left hand corner of the game. When you click the “tool” button, a control panel will display. From here, you can easily adjust your settings.



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