Game Rules of 50 Hand Deuces Wild

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Game Rules of 50 Hand Deuces Wild at Cherrycasino

Welcome to Deuces Wild! Information about the game and a description of how it is played is provided below.

About the Game of 50 Hand Deuces Wild at Cherrycasino

Each hand is played with a separate deck and each deck is changed to a new deck after each game.

Deuces Wild follows conventional poker rules for forming hands, with one exception: all deuces (2s) are wild, so a 2 can represent any other card for the purpose of forming a better hand. For example, a deuce can pair any other card, fill the “hole” in a straight or make the fifth of four cards to a flush. The lowest winning hand is three of a kind.

You bet between 1 and 5 coins per hand. The paytable lists winning hands and payout per hand for the different bet levels. The column that corresponds to your current bet is highlighted.

Special Hands of 50 Hand Deuces Wild at Cherrycasino

In addition to the conventional poker hands (three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush), there are a few special hands in Deuces Wild:

  • Five of a kind: five cards of the same value, including one or more deuces
  • Wild royal flush: royal straight flush containing at least one deuce
  • Four deuces: all four deuces
  • Natural royal flush: royal straight flush without any deuces.

Double Up of 50 Hand Deuces Wild at Cherrycasino

The double up feature provides you with a chance to double your winnings!

Each time you receive a winning hand, you have the possibility to bet all or half of the winnings in a double up game. Choose a card out of four that beats the card displayed, and your bet is doubled! As long as you win, you can choose to continue to double or to collect all or part of your winnings.

How to Play the 50 Hand Deuces Wild at Cherrycasino

Start by placing a bet between 1 and 5 coins. Each click on the BET ONE button adds one coin to the bet.

Click DEAL to start the game and deal the first hand. To hold cards you can click on the cards, click the corresponding HOLD buttons or press the corresponding numeric keys 1-5. Deselect cards in the same way. Cards that form a winning hand are automatically held. If you play multiple hands, the cards you hold are displayed and placed on hold in all hands.

Click DEAL to deal the next hand and reveal the remaining cards for each hand. Win information is summarized for multiple hands.

Double Up of 50 Hand Deuces Wild at Cherrycasino

Select Double up in the Game settings menu or click the double up button to enable and disable the double up feature.

When you receive a winning hand and double up is enabled, the double up game starts automatically and five cards are dealt face down. To bet your entire winning amount, click Double. To double half your winning amount, click Double half. To quit double up and return to the video poker, click Collect.

When you have doubled, the first card is revealed. Click one of the cards facing down to display it. If the value of your card is higher than the first card, your bet is doubled. If the value is the same (a tie), you keep your bet. If the value is lower, you lose your bet. As long as you win or tie, you can continue to double or click Collect to collect your winnings and return to the poker game.

Game Settings of 50 Hand Deuces Wild at Cherrycasino

The Game settings menu as well as toolbar buttons allow you to enable or disable sound effects, Fast play (when available) and Double up. When Fast play is enabled, cards are revealed faster and a game round takes less time to complete.

Good luck!

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