Basic Rules Of Three Hands Deuces Wild

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Rules for Three Hands Deuces Wild at Cherrycasino

Game rules of Three Hands Deuces Wild at Cherrycasino

This is a poker game where you play three hands simultaneously, with wins possible on all hands. Each hand is played with a separate deck and each deck is changed to a new deck after each game.

Click on the arrow keys to place your bet between 1 – 12 coins per hand. The bet you select is the total bet for all three hands combined. The paytable column that corresponds to your bet is shown to the left. Note that the winnings shown in the paytable are for one hand only.

The speed with which the cards are dealt can be adjusted by clicking on the buttons marked SPEED + and SPEED -. The current speed is displayed on the speedbar to the left of the buttons. The slowest speed has been pre-selected.

Click DEAL to begin the first hand shown on the bottom row. You may click directly on the cards you would like to hold or on the corresponding HOLD buttons. Once a card is held, the same card will appear in the two other hands above and they are also placed on hold. You may deselect any card by clicking on the card in the first hand or the corresponding HOLD button again. After you have chosen the cards you would like to hold, click the DEAL button and you will receive new cards on to complete the hand.

Winnings are determined by the outcome of your final hands and the results are displayed on each individual row.

Deuces Wild follows conventional poker rules concerning how hands are formed, with one exception: All deuces(2:s) are “wild”, which means that they are counted as the most favorable card. For example a deuce can be used to complete a straight or a flush, to improve a three of a kind to a four of a kind etc.

Special Hands of Three Hands Deuces Wild at Cherrycasino

Apart from the regular hands(three of a kind,straight,flush,full house,four of a kind, straight flush) there are some special hands in Deuces Wild:

Five of a kind All five cards are either the same value, or a deuce. Royal flush with deuces A royal straight flush with at least one deuce used to complete it. Four deuces All the four deuces Natural royal flush Royal straight flush without using any deuces.


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