Game rules of Jackpot Keno

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Game rules of Jackpot Keno at CasinoEuro

Welcome to Bonus Keno with bonus rounds and Jackpot!

The objective of Bonus Keno is to successfully pick 2 to 10 numbers of the 20 numbers drawn by the game. The amount you can win in a classic keno round is based on how many numbers you picked, the number of HITs and the amount of your bet. The minimum number of hits required to win varies depending on how many numbers you pick.

The game also features a bonus (free) round that is awarded when 5 jokers have been won. The number of jokers accumulated is displayed at the top left of the game. Wins pay double during a bonus round (except jackpot wins). The bet amount during a bonus round is equivalent to the minimum bet played in any of the rounds between the round in which you received the first joker and the fifth joker.

You also have the chance to win the progressive jackpot when the numbers drawn reveal the Jackpot symbol (10 tiles in the shape of a J). The jackpot amount is displayed at the top right, and is continuously updated. The jackpot amount won is based on the bet placed. For each bet level you receive the following % of the jackpot amount:

Bet level Jackpot payout %
5 100
4 80
3 60
2 40
1 20

Note: The Jackpot counter might be displayed in a currency other than that you are playing in. If you win a jackpot and are playing casino games with a different currency, the amount won is converted to the currency in which you are playing and is added to your account.

To play a keno or bonus round at CasinoEuro:

  • Click CLEAR to clear the keno tiles if you have played a previous round.
  • Select the bet amount using the bet value arrow keys.
  • Pick 2 – 10 numbers by either:
    • manually picking numbers
    • randomly selecting numbers by clicking AUTOPICK
    • selecting a previous round in the History table.
  • The paytable updates with the potential winnings based on the bet and numbers picked.

  • Click GO or PLAY 5 or PLAY 10 .
  • 20 of the 80 numbers are randomly drawn in each round. The drawn numbers appear on the numbered tiles showing the hit and missed numbers and bonus jokers in the game round.

To play a bonus round of of Jackpot Keno :

  • Pick numbers and click GO to start the number draw.

Keno Legend of Jackpot Keno at CasinoEuro

Result Description
Not selected
Bonus ball

Autoplay of of Jackpot Keno at CasinoEuro

Click AUTO in the game panel and select the number of rounds to play automatically. When the number of rounds is completed, Autoplay stops. To cancel Autoplay, click STOP . Autoplay stops after the current game round finishes.

Select the following advanced settings for Autoplay use:

  • On any win. Stop Autoplay when you win in a round.
  • If bonus round is won. Stop Autoplay when a bonus round is won.
  • When Jackpot is won. Stop Autoplay when you win the Jackpot.
  • If single win exceeds. Stop Autoplay when the amount you win exceeds or equals the amount you specify.
  • If cash increases by. Stop Autoplay if cash increases by the amount you specify.
  • If cash decreases by. Stop Autoplay if cash decreases by the amount you specify.

To remove specific Autoplay conditions, clear the appropriate checkbox.

Game Settings of Jackpot Keno

Click the spanner icon in the game panel. Select to enable the following options for the game in the Game Settings menu:

  • Sound effects. Turn on or off sound effects played for events.
  • Fast play. Turn on or off fast play presentation.
  • Always use autopick in autoplay. Turn on or off autopick during autoplay.
  • Autopick value. Specify how many numbers to play with when using autopick.


Please Note: The payout of the jackpot is subject to the terms and conditions of the gaming site. For more information refer to the gaming website.

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