Golden Rules of Let It Ride Poker

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This is the rules for both Betsson and CasinoEuro.

Rules for Let It Ride Poker at Betsson

Game rules of Let it ride Poker at Betsson

This is the standard “Let It Ride” poker game. Each game is played with a new deck.

The player begins by placing three equal bets and optionally a $1 side bet.

After placing the bets, the player is given three cards and the dealer is given two cards face down.

The player then has the choice to withdraw one of his bets based on his guess whether his cards combined with the dealer’s two cards will form a winning hand.

After pulling a bet or “letting it ride”, one of the dealer’s cards is turned face up.

The player now has another chance to pull a bet before the final card is shown.

When both cards are shown, the player is payed according to the pay table. In case of a winning hand, he is payed for all remaining bets. If the hand is lost, all remaining bets are lost.

The side bet is payed according to a separate pay table.

The combined win for all bets, including the side bet, is limited to $50,000

This is how Let it ride Poker game is played at Betsson:

Choose a chip by clicking on it, and then place a bet by clicking on the bet area on the table.

You may also place a side bet by clicking on it.

When the bet is placed, click on “DEAL” to start the game.

You will see your three cards and have the choice to “PULL” or “LET IT RIDE”.

After clicking on one of the buttons, the first of the dealer’s cards will be turned.

Now “PULL” or “LET IT RIDE” again.

The last card will be turned and any winnings will be given to the player.

The pay table for the regular bets are:

Hand Payoff
Royal flush 1000 to 1
Straight flush 200 to 1
Four of a kind 50 to 1
Full house 11 to 1
Flush 8 to 1
Straight 5 to 1
Three of a kind 3 to 1
Two pair 2 to 1
Tens or better 1 to 1

The side bet is payed according to the following:

Hand Payoff
Royal flush $20,000
Straight flush $2,000
Four of a kind $100
Full house $75
Flush $50
Straight $25
Three of a kind $9
Two pair $6


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