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This is the rules for both Betsson and CasinoEuro.

Trader rules at Betsson

Choose currency of Trader at Betsson

All bets are in Euro even if the stock you are betting on is quoted in another currency.

Account types – you can choose between three different types of accounts:

1. Test account
2. Registered account for play money
3. Registered account for real money

You can’t reach the test account if you are logged in at Betsson. With a test account without registration at Betsson your results will be reset when you close down the page.

If you are logged in you have the choice to bet either with play money or with real money. Betting with play money works exactly like betting with real money, but with the difference that there are no stake limits. This is a perfect way to learn by trying out different strategies.

When you bet with real money you must transfer money from your base account at Betsson to your Betsson Trader-account.

Choose a stock or index you want to bet on

You will find the betting options under ”1-2-3-4. Selection” in the client. Our goal is to offer you an interesting choice of stocks and indexes. See ”Opening hours” in the left menu for a more detailed description of which markets are offered and what the opening hours are.
When you have chosen a stock or an index you only have to choose which bet type, strike price, and maturity date (read more about this in “Our bets”.).

Odds of Trader at Betsson
The odds are presented as decimal odds. This will be familiar to you if you have tried sportsbetting. You bet an amount at a decimal odds and the win is your bet multiplied by the odds. If you for example bet to the odds of 4.00 your win will be four times your bet (if you win). If you for example bet 10 Euro you get 40 Euro back on a win. This means your net gain will be 30 Euro. The odds are calculated and updated continuously through a mathematical algorithm.

Strike price of Trader at Betsson
The strike price for a bet is the bet’s target price level which is compared to the underlying stock or index. At the maturity date it is against the bet’s strike price that the closing price for the underlying stock or index is settled.

Maturity date of Trader at Betsson
The duration for a bet is decided by the choice of maturity date. The maturity date is the day that the bet is settled to determine whether you win or lose. It is possible to sell a bet up until the last trading day before the maturity date.

Purchase of Trader at Betsson
It is possible to buy bets from several places, both in the lobby and in the client. If you are looking for a specific stock you can find it in “1-2-3-4. Selection” in the client. You can also use a filter to see only the stocks you are interested in. After the filtration the bets are presented in a list. In the lobby you also have the possibility to click on the bets in the lists to open a buy dialog. When you click on the “buy”-button for the bet you are interested in a “buy”-window will pop up. In the buy window you can choose your stake. The odds are updated in real time and it is the odds in the buy window that you get.

Stakes of Trader at Betsson
One of the benefits of Betsson Trader is that you can choose a minimum bet of only 1 Euro. If your bet has decreased so much in value that it is below 1 Euro you can still sell the bet back.

The limit for how much you can bet depends on the potential win on a specific bet, and the potential win on a single stock/index, and the potential win for your entire bet portfolio. All limits apply at any given time.
If you have reached a limit you must sell a bet or wait for a settlement if you want to buy additional bets. If the limit is not yet reached, but you try to buy for more than what the limit allows, your buy will go through, but only with the allowed portion of the stake. This means up to the limit but not more.

Orders of Trader at Betsson
You cannot place standing buy- or sell orders, that is, a buy or sell has to be made directly, at the odds given at that time.
You can place stakes on the same bet type on several different occasions. Each additional purchase will be shown separately under ”My bets”.

Other buying criteria – a purchase might be denied for the following reasons:

1. the odds might have moved too much from when the purchase was made to when the bet was registered.
2. the odds might have moved outside the allowed odds limits of 1.10 and 20.00.
3. a limit might prevent further bets.
4. you have tried to bet less than 1 Euro.
5. you have tried to bet less than what you have in your account.

My bets of Trader at Betsson
The values of your bets are continuously updated under ”My bets” which works as your summery of open transactions. The bets are valued at the current odds which makes it easy for you to have an overview of your bets. If the odds decrease from the time you bought the bet it means that the likelihood of the bet resulting in a win for you has increased and therefore also the value of your bet and vice versa.

The values of the positions shown in “My bets” are before sales fee deduction. The value you see on each occasion reflects the actual value of the bet. The potential win at the maturity date is always constant. You always know what you can win on the maturity date if your bet is correct. No fees are deducted on a win at settlement on the maturity date. If you wish to sell your bet before the maturity date there is a sales fee. The value you see in the sale dialog is displayed including the fee and is therefore lower than the value you see in “My bets”. This is the actual amount that will be credited to your Trader-account when you sell the bet.

Sale of Trader at Betsson
You have the possibility to sell your bet until the end of the last trading day before the maturity date. This gives you the possibility to lock in wins or limit losses before the maturity date and settlement.

Sale of a bet
1. You can sell a bet up to and including the last trading day before the maturity date. If you for example have a bet with the maturity date of 2008-11-05, you can sell the bet back up until and including 2008-11-04 as long as this date is a trading day. You reach the “sell”-dialog by clicking on the ”sell”- button next to the bet you want to sell under ”My bets”.

2. Selling parts of a bet– You can’t sell parts of a bet, for example if you have bought a bet for 100 Euro and want to sell 50 Euro of it and keep the other 50 Euro.

3. Laying a bet – You can’t lay (i.e. short) a bet, which means you can’t sell a bet you don’t previously own.

Sales fee
Betsson deducts a fee for sales (NOT on settled bets). This fee is not deducted from the value you see under “My bets”. This fee is a percentage of the value you see at the sale. The fee can be compared to a spread on the stock market, which is the difference between buying price and selling price. We sell bets at an odds and buy back at another. The potential win at the maturity date is always constant when a bet has been bought. No fee will be deducted when your bet is settled at the maturity date.

You can calculate your sales fee for a bet using the following formula:
Sales cost = Value at sale * (Sales fee/(100/Odds at sale). The sales fee in the formula is set at 3 Euro.
Settlement in case of win

Settlement is done against the official closing price for the underlying stocks and indexes after the market close on the maturity date.
If you win your account will be credited with the potential win (stake times odds). If you lose, nothing is paid out.

Transaction history
Under the transaction history it is possible for you to see all transactions on your Betsson Trader account. You can see dates for transactions, transaction types, (deposit, withdrawal, purchase, sale, settlement) details regarding the bet, cash flow, and balance.
It is possible to filter information to get exactly the information you are looking for.

Market events of Trader at Betsson
If a market event should occur before a bet’s maturity date that affects the stock or index, a corresponding adjustment will be done so that the economic conditions prior to the event will be preserved. Examples of these kind of events are:

1. Bankruptcy etcetera – In the event of a stock being liquidated or forced into bankruptcy or similar, the value of the stock is set to zero.

2. Trade stop – If a stock is stopped from trading, all the bets on that stock are stopped as well. If the stock is stopped over a maturity date the latest price before the trade stop will be effective as settlement price, unless an other price known. Purchases and sales during the trade stop will be cancelled.

3. Share issue and split – If a stock goes through a split or a share issue (release of new shares) the strike price will be adjusted according to the conditions for the split or the share issue. If for example AstraZeneca costs 30 Euro and splits 1:2 so that the stock costs 15 Euro, the strike price will also be halved.

4. Dividends – The odds are adjusted for dividends.

5. Acquisitions or mergers – If an acquisition or a merger goes through before a bet’s maturity date so that the stock is de-listed from the stock market, the bid price will be set as closing price.

Available stocks of Trader at Betsson
See the list of available stocks and indexes under ”1-2-3-4. Selection” in the client. The list is updated from time to time to reflect interesting stocks to bet on.

Cancellation of bets of Trader at Betsson
Incorrect odds – At times some bets may be given incorrect odds. Purchases and sales of bets that have been given incorrect odds will be cancelled. If you have bought a bet at incorrect odds your stake will be transferred back to your Trader-account. If you have sold a bet at incorrect odds the bet will be transferred back to “My bets”. Betsson will not in any way be responsible for losses or possible losses that might have been inflicted upon you due to incorrect odds. We are also not responsible for losses on bets placed with other companies in reference to cancelled bets at Betsson Trader. Every customer is obligated to report suspicions about system errors or incorrect odds.

Insiders – Bets placed by people with insider position, so called “insiders”, will not be accepted. We maintain the right to cancel such bets.

Persons living in Malta or in the U.S. are not allowed to bet.

Force Majeure – We reserve the right to close down bets on a market at times when it is impossible to price the bet correctly. These occasions may include uncertain political, economical and military situations, trading stops, a closed market, unusual decrease of liquidity in the market, strikes, rebellions, terrorism, power-outs, failing electronic communication, extreme market movements, and other incidents outside our control.

If a situation mentioned above occurs we can:

1. Suspend trading and/or change our opening hours for selected or all markets.

2. Close down or open specific bets.

3. Refuse to accept more bets, even if this means sales of already purchased bets.

4. Exclude or change any part of the rules if it is impossible or unreasonable to apply these.

5. Take any means necessary in the situation to protect our customer’s and/or Betsson’s interests.

Limitation of liability of Trader at Betsson

For limitation of liability please see Betsson general term and conditions under customer service section 9.
Bonuses, campaigns and competitions

For each bonus program specific rules apply. See the rules for each bonus program under “Campaigns” in the left menu in the lobby.

For each competition or campaign specific rules apply. See the rules under “Competitions” or “Campaigns” in the left menu in the lobby.

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