Playing the Game of Bingo Keno Extreme

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Bingo Keno Extreme at Betsson

Simply choose how many of the nine game cards you’d like to play with and then see how many of the balls drawn match your numbers. Match 15 balls with a game cards’ 15 numbers and you’ve hit the jackpot!

Playing the Game of Bingo Keno Extreme at Betsson

On opening the game you will be provided with nine starting cards of fifteen numbers. These will be your numbers for the duration of this game. If you are not happy with your card’s numbers, you can press the Change Card button on the specific card(s) to get different numbers, or you can press the ‘Change All Cards’ button to change all the numbers on all the cards randomly. You can do this as many times as you want until you are happy with your cards. Should you wish to only play with some of the cards, you can deactivate those that you don’t want. By pressing the crossed button on specific card you will deactivate it and the numbers will grey out, press it again to reactivate the card.

Start of Bingo Keno Extreme at Betsson

Select your stake using the up and down arrows. Press the ‘GO’ button to begin the draw.

Ball Draw of Bingo Keno Extreme at Betsson

Twenty balls each with different numbers, 1-90, are released from the ball drum. As the numbers are drawn they register on the main number board as yellow numbered balls, and the numbers that match these on both the active and deactivated game cards will highlight yellow as well. Winning amounts for each active card will be displayed over the relevant card to show you how much has been won on each card. These winnings are confirmed in the main information window and are automatically added to your account balance.

Play again of Bingo Keno Extreme at Betsson

Should you wish to play another game with the same game card, and the same stake amount, you simply need to press the ‘GO’ button. This will clear your game cards, and reset the balls, and then start a new draw as before.

Additional Features of Bingo Keno Extreme at Betsson

There is the additional feature of a TURBO button, which once pressed will display the drawn numbers at an accelerated rate, to allow for faster game play.


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