Basic Rules Of Spin Win

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This is the rules for both Betsson and CasinoEuro.

Spin Win at Betsson

Choose how many balls you want to play with, then watch them spin their way to making you money.

How to play the Spin Win at Betsson

Increase or decrease the number of balls released, using the left and right arrows: one ball at a time, use the smaller arrows nearest the No. of balls window; five balls at a time, use the larger arrows Select between 1 and 100 balls to play with in the game.

Stake Per Ball of Spin Win at Betsson

Set your stake amount per ball, using the up and down arrows next to the Stake per Ball window.
Total Stake of Spin Win at Betsson

As you increase and decrease either your stake per ball or the number of balls, the total stake value will change accordingly. Your total stake is dependent upon the number of balls you want to play with, multiplied by the stake amount per ball.

The stake amount per ball will influence your potential winnings, as every ball that lands on a winning segment will be multiplied by this value.

For example, if a ball with a stake value of €0.10 lands on a x25 segment it will provide winnings of €2.50, but if this same ball had a stake value of €1.00 it would provide winnings of €25.00

Starting the Game of Spin Win at Betsson

Once you’re happy with the number of balls you want to play with, and the stake amount per ball, you’re ready to start the game. Press GO

The balls you’ve selected to play with move out on to the first ring (level one), then spin around it.

– If a ball stops on an arrowed segment it moves to the next level and the fun continues, hopefully on to the Jackpot win!

– In rings 3 to 5, balls that land on a numbered segment don’t move to the next level, but the stake per ball is multiplied by the win amount of the segment each ball lands in.

Winnings are added up after each level and the total is adjusted in the Winnings window.

The No. of active balls left window shows the number of balls left in play, after each level. Play ends when there are no more active balls on the spinner.

Winnings are added to your account balance.

To start a new game, either press GO to rebet with the same stake per ball and number of balls, or change these values as desired and press GO .

Good Luck!


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