Rules for Keno

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This is the rules for both Betsson and CasinoEuro.

Keno at Betsson

Keno you probably recognise from the drawings on TV. Here we have faster drawings and you can win up to €15,000! You can either pick your favourite numbers or let the game choose for you.

Rules for Keno Game rules of Keno at Betsson

This is a classic 20 out of 80 Keno game.

Click on the arrow keys to place your desired bet between €1 – €5. Each click is equal to €1.

Choose between 2 and 10 numbers by clicking on each individual number. The numbers you choose will change to red. Deselect any number by clicking it again. Use the paytable to check your potential winnings. The paytable will change depending on the total numbers you have chosen and the amount of your bet. You may also click CHOOSE 10 to let the computer randomly select 10 numbers for you.

Click START to initiate the 20-number random drawing. The drawn numbers will appear in yellow. Each draw of a number you have selected is a HIT and changes the number to green. Winnings are determined by the number of HITs made and the amount of your bet.


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