Rules Of HiLo Extreme

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This is the rules for both Betsson and CasinoEuro.

HiLo Extreme at Betsson

It is recommended that first time players choose the ‘play for fun’ option, which allows you to practice using virtual funds. Once you understand the game and are comfortable, you can ‘play for real’ using funds from your own account. Any ‘play for real’ winnings will be credited to your account.

To begin, submit a starting stake of HiLo Extreme at Betsson.

19 cards are displayed face down, on the right hand side. The Start Card is displayed face up. Each new game starts with 20 cards randomly selected from a normal deck of 52 cards.

By clicking the selection buttons, you can make a prediction of what the next card will be: Will it be higher or lower than the Start Card? Will it be from a black suit or a red suit? Will it be a Heart, Club, Diamond or Spade? You may choose any one of these or a combination.

The details of your bet are displayed and your possible winnings are calculated on the chances of your selection being correct. Once you are happy with your selection, click the button to submit your bet. You will then be asked to select a card. Selecting a card, by clicking on it, reveals the respective card and calculates your bet.

If you win you have the opportunity to carry on playing using the return as a rolling stake, or, if you prefer, you may also cashout your winnings. Continue playing by repeating the above steps. The odds will change according to the cards still remaining in the pack. Any further bets are based on the last revealed card .

A total of 19 bets may be made in any one game and the further you go the more money you can win.

Ace is low of HiLo Extreme at Betsson .

Ace will always be the lowest card in the pack. If, for example, you receive a 4, bet on higher and then turn over an ace, your bet will lose.

Pairs Lose of HiLo Extreme at Betsson .

If you submit a bet containing a high or low selection and receive a card of the same numerical value, your bet will lose.

If you lose your Internet connection whilst playing of HiLo Extreme at Betsson

The game will resume at the point where you left off when you next log back into the game.

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