Fundamentals Of Triple Chance HiLo

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This is the rules for both Betsson and CasinoEuro.

Triple Chance HiLo at Betsson

Triple Chance HiLo features not one but three reels. Simply decide which reel to play before each spin, giving you three chances to win with every spin!

How to play ihe Triple Chance HiLo at Betsson ?

Triple Chance Hi-Lo is an accumulator game. You set an initial stake and then spin the reels. Further bets in the same game use your accumulated winnings as the stake, so your potential payout will grow with each spin.

The numbers on each reel range from 1-13. Each reel shows one number of Triple Chance HiLo at Betsson


– All three reels spin at the same time and the reels are independent of each other – it is possible for two or more reels to display the same number at the same time.

– The numbers are produced randomly – it is possible to produce the same number in consecutive spins.

Use the up and down arrows to set your starting stake then click GO to start to play. Choose a reel and decide whether the next number spun on that reel will be higher or lower than the preceding one. Click the HI or LO arrows for the appropriate reel and let them spin! If you win, either COLLECT your money or spin again by choosing HI or LO

You win nothing for same in this game.

Shuffle of Triple Chance HiLo at Betsson ?

Not happy with your starting numbers? Click SHUFFLE and take a free spin of the reels before you start, giving you a chance for better starting numbers. You can shuffle up to three times before you start a new game. On every third consecutive correct bet you earn an additional shuffle, up to a maximum of six.

Important of Triple Chance HiLo at Betsson

Remember – your initial stake will be bet on the first spin of the reels and your winnings will be bet on the next spin and so on.

Good Luck!

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