Fundamentals Of Casino Dice

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This is the rules for both Betsson and CasinoEuro.

Casino Dice at Betsson

Predict the roll of the dice and if you win, you have the chance to double your money!

Once you have placed your bet(s), click on Roll to start the game and this will activate the dice roll animation and give you a result.

Should you win you will be given the option of either collecting your winnings by clicking the Collect button or using your winnings to try and double your money. A choice screen will pop up asking you whether dice 2 will be Higher or Lower than Dice 1 in the next roll. Make your prediction and press the relevant button, two dice will roll out one after the other. If you win you can Collect your winnings or risk them again to double your money as before. Should you roll dice of the same value during the double up feature, you will be prompted to choose again for another roll, and if the dice roll in the same numbers as each other again, you lose.

Provided you win you can play this option as many times as you wish.

Good luck!

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