How To Play The 5-card draw-Poker

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This is the rules for both Betsson and CasinoEuro.

Players of 5-card draw at Betsson

Up to five players can play at one table.

Betting structure of 5-card draw at Betsson

5-Card Draw is played with two blinds. A blind is a bet that two players are forced to post before the cards are dealt. 5-Card Draw can be played as Limit, Pot-Limit and No-Limit.

Playing order

of 5-card draw at Betsson

1. The two players to the left of the dealer post the blinds. The dealer is symbolised by a button marked ”D” in front of the player. The dealer button rotates clockwise around the table.

2. Every player is dealt five cards face down. These cards are exclusive to the player and not visible to the other players.

3. The player directly to the left of the big blind starts the first round of betting.

4. The player to the left of the dealer draws first. Every player can draw up to five cards.

5. The player to the left of the dealer starts the last round of betting.

6. Showdown – The player with the best hand wins the pot. If more than one player have the same hand they split the pot.

Lost connection of 5-card draw at Betsson

If a player loses his connection before or during the drawing of cards, the draw is handled automatically.

Cards are kept according to how the hand matches the following rules:

1. Two pairs or higher

2. Open Royal Flush draw (KQJ10 suited)

3. High pair (AA,KK,QQ,JJ)

4. Straight flush or flush draw

5. Low pair (1010 or less)

6. Open straight draw

7. Gut straight draw

8. High card (A,K,Q,J)

9. No cards are kept

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