Basic Rules Of Risk It Progressive

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This is the rules for both Betsson and CasinoEuro.

Risk It Progressive at Betsson

The aim of Risk It Progressive is to correctly wager on a single turn of a card being one of a selection of cards you have chosen. You can of course select just one card for the highest possible return, and you can select 12 out of the 13 cards for the lowest possible return. The game is progressive, thus winnings are added to your initial stake and this goes forward as the stake for your next turn, and so on. You have the option to cash out at any point before placing a bet. When you win as many consecutive bets as the game will allow, without having previously cashed out at any point, you are then automatically cashed out and a new stake must be placed.

PLACING A BET OF Risk It Progressive at Betsson

Before placing a bet, you will see a deck of 52 cards shuffled. Three cards are dealt out face down from which you will select just one.

To select the cards for your bet (these are the cards running from Ace to King underneath ‘Select Your Cards’), you can click on them individually or, if you want to select an unbroken run of cards, you can click on the slider and drag it along. Cards you select will be highlighted. Please note that the decimal odds for your selection are displayed.

To decrease or increase your stake amount by set increments, you can click on the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons. You can also type in a stake amount by clicking within the stake entry box.

When you are happy with your choice of cards and stake, click ‘Place Bet’.

CHOOSING A CARD Of Risk It Progressive at Betsson

Next you are prompted to choose a card from the three on offer, or you can shuffle the whole deck again. If you choose to shuffle the deck again, you will be dealt three new cards. You can shuffle the deck as many times as you wish – the choice is yours. Simply click on the card of your choice to reveal it.

WINNINGS Of Risk It Progressive at Betsson

If the card you choose is a winner, a ‘Win!’ message will display and your winnings will be credited to the bank. This will move forward as your stake for your next bet. You can cash out at any point before placing a bet.

BONUSES Of Risk It Progressive at Betsson

Look out for the bonuses on offer. These will be displayed on certain rounds and if you win that round then the bonus will be awarded and added to your winnings.

DISCONNECTION Of Risk It Progressive at Betsson

If you happen to lose your connection to the internet whilst playing for real, you will start exactly where you left off when you log back into the game again.

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