Special Game Rules Of Bingo

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Game Rules of Bingo at Cherrycasino

Welcome to Bingo! Information about the game and a description of how it is played is provided below.

About the Game of Bingo at Cherrycasino

You play Bingo using Bingo tickets divided in three Bingo areas. Each Bingo ticket displays the numbers 1 through 75, randomly arranged in three Bingo areas. Each Bingo area consists of a 5×5 grid corresponding to the letters B-I-N-G-O.

You can increase your chances of winning in a game round by using up to three Bingo tickets. Part of the cost for each ticket is added to a constantly growing, its current value displayed at the top of the game, which rolls over from game to game until it is won. To win the jackpot, you need to play on all three tickets and get Bingo on the fifth or sixth number drawn. Read more about winnings in the paytable, which during the game displays the remaining chances of winning as the balls are drawn.

Note: The Jackpot is a progressive jackpot, where every time the game is played by any player a portion of the bet is added to the Jackpot. The Jackpot counter might be displayed in a currency other than that you are playing in. If you win a jackpot and are playing casino games with a different currency, the amount won is converted to the currency in which you are playing and is added to your account.

When you have purchased your tickets, you draw a total of 30 Bingo balls from a tombola mixing 75 balls numbered from 1 through 75. You can choose to manually draw the numbers one by one, allow the numbers to be automatically drawn one by one or to automatically draw all numbers at once. As the numbers are drawn, they are automatically marked on your Bingo ticket. A counter displays the number of balls drawn out of the total of 30.

You get Bingo when five of the numbers drawn form a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row on your Bingo ticket. Bingo rows are highlighted – no need to worry about keeping track of the numbers! A row is also highlighted when it contains four drawn numbers and you are close to Bingo.

The game ends when all 30 bingo balls have been drawn. The more Bingo rows you get in a game and the earlier you get them, the more you win!

How to Play of Bingo at Cherrycasino

Start by clicking Select at the bottom of the tickets you want to use. You can deselect a ticket by clicking Clear. Click Autodraw before you start the game if you want the Bingo balls to be drawn automatically. When you are ready to play, click Buy to start the game.

Click Next to manually draw Bingo balls one by one. During the game, you can select Fast play (when available) in the Game Settings menu to manually draw the balls at a higher speed or click Finish draw to automatically draw all remaining Bingo balls and finish the game. If you play using Autodraw, the balls are drawn automatically and the Finish draw option is not available.

Game Settings of Bingo at Cherrycasino

Options available in the Game settings menu allow you to enable or disable sound effects, Fast play (when available), Autodraw and Autoplay.

When Fast play is enabled, Bingo balls are drawn quicker and the game takes less time to complete. When Autodraw is enabled, Bingo balls are automatically drawn one by one. When Autoplay is enabled, you can choose to play 5, 10, 20, 30 or 50 automatic game rounds. Clicking the Stop button will cancel Autoplay after the current game round is finished.

Good Luck!

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